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What is UCDmanager?

UCDmanager is a web application aimed to manage and document different User-Centered Design and usability techniques, in an integrated manner.

What is UCD?

User-Centered Design is a design philosophy and a process in which the needs, wants, and limitations of end users of a product are given extensive attention at each stage of the development process. Usability of products may be improved by implementing different types of UCD techniques during the development process, iteratively.

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Why should I use UCDmanager?

Using UCDmanager has several benefits:

  • Manage all the information needed by UCD techniques in a single place.
  • Reutilize elements between different techniques, or between different iterations of the same technique.
  • Share information between experts, developers, stakeholders, etc.

Integration of UCD techinques

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Who can use UCDmanager?

Anyone involved in the development of interfaces: from the members of the development team when defining user requirements or prototypes, to independent usability consultants when performing and reporting evaluations.

Which techniques should I use in my project?

It depends; UCDmanager doesn't force you to implement any specific technique or implementing them in any order. If you need some help choosing UCD techniques, take a look at these links:

Basic techniques:

More complete lists:

Who is behind UCDmanager?

UCDmanager is the HCI Master Thesis of jordisan.